Being in the audience for a Donna Morrissey presentation is both like attending the theatre and being in your best friend’s kitchen. She is so entertaining and surprising while being courageously intimate. She is a balm for the spirit and a storyteller non pareil.
I have seen her many times and I always feel I come away with an enlarged heart, a few more laugh lines, and another fantastic novel.”
– Shelaigh Rogers of CBC

Imagine, as a kid I was so shy I walked around with my arm covering my face. Yup! For years I did that. Today, I can hold a crowd of two hundred without a microphone.

(Wounded into extroversion, my therapists says).

However, I have the gift of gab and I do it well. I have spoken to groups of six, sixty, and six hundred. My keynote topics generally fall under inspiration/motivation, more specifically;

I was forty when I started writing. I sat alone in a room for three years and wrote a novel that sold two hundred thousand copies. Oh, yeah, I have much to say about that process.

I was twenty-eight when I was struck (literally) with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. For ten years I suffered alone. Then, I reached out and took back my life. I share my story to inspire, motivate others to reach out and take back their lives.

I was a high-school drop-out. When I was thirty-two, I enrolled at Memorial University of Newfoundland as a mature student. I was a single parent, poor, and in ill health. I learned to be strong, to believe, and I learned how to think.

Did you know each of our personalities are constructed of twelve archetypes? And that by recognizing dominant archetypes in others we are better able to assess, judge, and become more effective with decision making in our personal lives and/or in a leadership role? All of which allows us to create a healthier living or working place, which naturally helps us advance our creativity and productivity and live fuller, more rounded lives.

Ha! Just kidding…